RAICES Donation-Commissions


Raise money for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). The current immigration and refugee crisis in the United States is a violation of human rights, and an affront to what it means to be American, and RAICES is raising money to pay for bonds so separated families can be reunited. We’re offering our services in exchange for a donation to their cause in perpetuity, but donating now will give their funds an extra kick; until June 30th, all donations to RAICES will be matched by an anonymous donor, so your donation counts for twice its worth.

What We Offer

Sam/Verb: Line-by-line Editing, Developmental Thoughts (creative-writing-centric feedback–this can be for WIPs, for middle grade and YA fiction, for poetry and novels in prose, and fanfiction)

Em/Herb: Copy Editing, Writing Commissions (short stories, flash fiction, fanfiction, short audio drama/radio play scripts)


We want anyone to be able to contribute if they want, so select pay-what-you-can on RAICES’ donation page (de-select ‘recurring donation’). We request proof of donation via screenshot, even if the donation amount is $1.

Note: we reserve the right to decline any commissions that we deem racist, sexist, queerphobic, xenophobic, ableist, or otherwise harmful in content or message.

Contact Us:

Sam/Verb: speaks.ware@gmail.com, @SpeaksWrite on Twitter
Em/Herb: em.parsley@gmail.com, @masteremdash on Twitter

Other Places to Donate:

Kid Lit Says “No Kids in Cages”

The Florence Project – providing legal & social services to detained immigrants in Arizona

ACLU – fighting attacks through the legal system

RAICES — offering free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children and families in Texas.

Womens Refugee Commission – advocating for the rights and protection of women, children, and youth fleeing violence and persecution

Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) – protecting unaccompanied children who enter the US immigration system alone to ensure that no child appears in court without an attorney.

Al Otro Lado – serves indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana & Los Angeles